We've received some wonderful news at the City Council meeting this week. The Lake Havasu City Council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to approve an approximate $85,000 in emergency spending, to replace a collapsed pipeline at the Island Wastewater Treatment Station. 

The station experienced a disastrous malfunction in January when the pipeline collapsed, causing the pipeline to clog with rocks, sand and dirt. The repairs will be complete within the next several weeks. 

The Lake Havasu City Building Division predicts increased construction in Havasu in the near future, following a growing trend of applications presented to the city. Residential grading permits are up about 20% compared to this time last year. This is a good indication that residential construction will continue to rise.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, residential single-family homes have been steady with an average of 19 new homes per month, which totals to a 72% increase from 2012. Home construction has habitually declined during November, December and January, partly due to the holidays. Since 2013, however, the winter months have been far busier than in recent years.  Twenty-three new residential single-family home building permits were issued last month, which is nine more than January of last year. 

Thousands of college students from across the country will be arriving in Lake Havasu City over the course of the next month for Spring Break ─ March 9th through April 2nd. Summer Winters Actions Tours have hosted an annual Spring Break event in Havasu since 2010.  

This year SWAT is implementing several changes to their program.  Attendees will have a chance to create their own experience, some students like to spend their time participating in lots of the activities offered and others want to get away and relax. SWAT has also increased their security and meets regularly with the Lake Havasu City Police Department.  The safety of the students and community is of the utmost importance, for a positive spring break experience in Lake Havasu. 

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