Home Selling Tips – What Buyers Want Most

Now this it is a seller’s market, it’s the perfect time to see what buyers want most when they are looking for a home. Many times home sellers are uncertain when it comes to what they should upgrade in their home before they sell it. Remodeling and upgrading your homes features can really help you get the most value from it when you know exactly what buyers want. However, not all remodels or upgrades will bring you value after its expense. Therefore, I have found the top five features that potential home buyers want most.

                    What buyers want - exterior lighting

Top remodels and upgrades buyers want most:

Separate Laundry room – This is a popular feature with 93% of homebuyers wanting a separate laundry room to do their folding and ironing in. It also helps keep a mess from the living space.

Remodeling costs: $2,600 to $3,100 for an 80 square-foot space

Exterior Lighting – Outdoor lighting is wanted by 90% of potential homebuyers in today’s market. Out of all the outdoor features, outdoor lighting tops the list as the most wanted. The most popular outdoor lighting is lanterns, landscape lights, accent lighting that spotlights the house. It’s lighting like this that adds an extra safety measure and curb appeal after dark.

Purchase & Installation costs: $75 to $500

Garage Storage – Large and growing family love and need extra storage. Garage storage is wanted by 86% of potential homebuyers. Organized and accessible space in storage units help homeowners keep clutter from the rest of the home. And, the garage is more accessible than the attic.

Purchase costs: $1,200 to $3,000 for 400 square-foot of space

Eat-In Kitchens / Dinettes – Over 85% of potential homebuyers say an eat-in kitchen is a must have. Buyers with families love the small space for informal meals where they can share their lives with one another.

Remodeling costs: $1,000 and up

Wireless Home Security – In today’s tech savvy world $50 of potential homebuyers want digital security that they can control from their smart phone or tablet. This is an attractive feature for younger buyers.

Installation costs: Free to $500

Added Bonus: Features homebuyers do not like

Brass fixtures

Vanity strip bathroom lighting

Popcorn ceilings

These home selling tips for what buyers want most are brought to you by: Mary Anne DeYoung, your local real estate professional in Lake Havasu City, AZ and surrounding communities.  “Play like you mean it.”



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